Tracy Doaks, President and CEO of MCNC

Durham, NC — January 2, 2021

For immediate release: Rewriting the Code, a non-profit dedicated to supporting talented college women in technology fields, is excited to announce the addition of Tracy Doaks, President and CEO of MCNC, to our Board of Directors.

“We are honored that Ms. Doaks is willing to offer her insight and experience as a woman in tech to our board. She will be a great addition to an exceptional group of advisors.” Sue Harnett, Founder and President, Rewriting the Code.

Ms. Doaks has a strong and varied background in the tech space. Prior to joining MCNC…

Many college women pursuing coursework in computer science and engineering speak to feelings of isolation and having to ‘go it alone’. They often feel uncomfortable in classroom settings where faculty members do not look like them. In these same classrooms, men often outnumber women, and even when the gap narrows men may dominate the conversations that occur. Often times, women peers who share a similar passion for technology keep to themselves, or even believe there is a need to compete with women in their major, on their campus.

Compounding the feelings and perceptions of lack of campus community, both college…

We have been building a nonprofit focused on supporting and preparing college women with a passion for technology for 18+ months, and I believe the time is right to share our story with a broader audience. Rewriting the Code is hyper-focused on supporting college women who are passionate about computing. An incredible number of young women begin their college journey with passion for computer science and engineering, yet change majors along the way. The enrollment of women in introductory college computer science classes ranges between 40–50%. However, there is a precipitous drop in women’s participation in such classes, year over…


Sue Harnett is the founder + president of Rewriting the Code, a nonprofit focused on preparing college women studying computing for careers in technology

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